Why Attend

  • World-Class Educators
  • Professional experience
  • Variety of learning oppertunities
  • Community Building with other Students


What to Expect

  • World-Class Instruction – A Keynote Speaker Each Day that is focused on helping you grow personally and professionally as a medical professional.
  • Master Classes – 2 Sessions Saturday and Sunday with 2 unique choices pers Session. (8 Classes Total Available)
  • Simple Access – All sessions are open through a single webinar each day.


12th International Christian Conference for Young Medical Professionals Schedule*

                   Theme:  Trials, Triumphs, and Transformations After Covid

                   Conference Website: www.icmau.org

             Friday Evening

               6:00pm Welcome and Prayer

               6:15pm Devotional #1: Ferdinand Nweke, Nigeria

               7:15pm Plenary #1: Nyikkeabasi Ekott, England/Nigeria:

                                                   On God’s Journey from Nigeria to Ukraine to Nigeria to England

               8:30pm Finish

             Saturday Afternoon

               1:30pm Opening, Prayer, Introductions

               2:00pm Devotional #2: Ferdinand Nweke, Physician/Pastor (Nigeria)

               3:00pm Plenary #2: Rick Paul, Surgeon (Netherlands):

                                                   Finding your way in the Post-Modern Culture  

               4:00pm Kahoots

               4:30pm Master Class  Session 1 (choose Master Class A or B)

                              Master Class A:  John Davis, Attorney at Wood, Evans and Hearn (USA)

                                                           Don’t Bury Your Treasury – Using Your Intellectual Property to

                                                           Bless Your Neighbor

                              Master Class B: Lars Ljungström

                                                          The Legacy of the Covid Pandemic: Challenges in

                                                          Infectious Disease  

               5:30pm Master Class  Session 2 (choose Master Class C or D)

                              Master Class C: Vinod Shah, Pediatric Surgeon): 

                                                          The Challenges and Future of Medical Education

                              Master Class D: Chima Onoka, Physician (Nigeria):

                                                           Suffering During the Pandemic, A Student’s Perspective

               6:30pm Closing Recap, Announcements

               Sunday Afternoon

               1:45pm Greetings and Announcements Day 3

               2:00pm Devotional #3: Ferdinand Nweke, Physician/Pastor (Nigeria)

               3:00pm Plenary #3: Chris Steyn, Physician, President of HCFI (Netherlands):

                                                   Dealing with Stress

               4:00pm Kahoots

               4:30pm Master Class Session 3 (choose Master Class E or F)

                              Master Class E: Augustin Lutakwa, Surgeon (South Africa/DRCongo)

                                                          Report from the Frontlines

                               Master Class F: Cleon Rogers, Physician/Resident Director at Christ Health 

                                                        Center (USA)

                                                        Forgotten Diseases During the Pandemic: Hepatitis C

               5:30pm Master Class Session 4 (Choose Master Class G or H)

                              Master Class G: Ifeanyi Onah Surgeon (Nigeria) and Jim Peipon, Pediatrician,


                                                           A Saline Process Taster

                              Master Class H: Noel Aruparayil, Surgeon, England/India

                                                          The Implications of  COVID on My Clinical, Spiritual and

                                                Personal Life.

               6:30pm Closing Recap, Thank you, Announcements

  • Please note that all times above are based upon Ukraine Time Zone (GMT+3)